R&R Bearings offer full spectrum of bearing repair services, dependent upon a customer’s needs. Our dedicated team specialises in providing cost effective solutions for your whitemetal component requirements. We have the expertise and experience to meet your requirements, whether it be manufacture of batches, or the repair of a single bespoke part. We serve all industries that use rotating equipment offering world class customer facing service, delivering the shortest UK industry lead time with competitive costs with an exemplary quality track record. Our wealth of experience and expertise offers repair and remanufacture solutions for products such as:

  • Products and Services
  • Products and Services
  • Products and Services
  • Vertical Bearing Assemblies
  • Journal Bearings
    Plain or cylindrical bored
    Multi-lobed bores
    Lemon bored
    Combination bearings with incorporated thrust faces
  • Tilting Pad Thrust Assemblies
  • Single Piece Thrust Rings
  • Other Associated Components
    Orkot bearings
    Cutlass Bearings
    Labyrinth seals


We are proud that we continue to deliver a service that our customers depend upon.  We endeavor to always determine your needs and shape our business to deliver those needs. We understand that if a part is with us to repair, it is part of a breakdown that requires fixing immediately!

24/7 service as required

Collections and Deliveries as required

Focussed repair service that is measured in days, sometimes hours

Manufacture of new parts

Get in contact with the team at RR Bearings now by email or telephone. 

  • Products and Services
    New thrust pads made without drawings for a pump
  • Products and Services
    New bearing manufactured without drawings for a tram
  • Products and Services
    Bearings received from a steel works
  • Products and Services
    Bearings refurbished ready to be returned to the steel works